Terms and Conditions

  1. Please ensure your printer is working since results are returned immediately to your computer. We do not reimburse fees if you are unable to print the results.
  2. As of July 1, 2009, there are revised procedures for name based criminal records checks. The main revision involves the elimination of all billing accounts.
  3. Fingerprint based searches are the most reliable way to conduct criminal records checks and the least likely to result in either a false positive or a false negative search result. However, since obtaining fingerprints may not be feasible, the SLED CATCH program offers the alternative of name based searches.
  4. SLED CATCH allows you to view and print criminal records information from South Carolina only. National criminal record checks for non-criminal justice purposes are allowed only where specifically authorized by law. In the interest of safety, information on wanted persons is not included in the criminal records information furnished through SLED CATCH.
  5. SLED also accepts limited requests for criminal records checks by mail. This option should only be used for special services (e.g. notarization, certification) not available through the online access. Due to limited staffing, there is no expedited processing of mailed requests. Requests for special services may be mailed to SLED Records Department, P.O. Box 21398, Columbia, S.C. 29221-1398. The Criminal Records Check Form should be submitted for mailed requests along with proper payment and a self addressed stamped envelope. Proper payment must be either a business check, certified check, cashier's check, or money order. Personal checks and cash will not be accepted.
  6. It is recommended the search use the last name and date of birth appearing on a valid identifying government document that includes a photograph of the records check subject and a photocopy of this identifying document is retained. The use of common names may result in special processing or false positives.
  7. SLED CATCH requires an exact match with a record subject’s last name, first initial, and date of birth to retrieve criminal history record information, if any. If provided, a search by social security number will be conducted. Fingerprints may be the only way to identify a record subject if the name and date of birth contained in the record vary from the name and date of birth furnished as search criteria. Therefore, the results of a SLED CATCH search can differ from the results of a fingerprint based search or a name based search using additional search criteria for the same subject.
  8. A non-refundable fee of $25.00 ($8.00 for a charitable organization as defined on the next page) will be charged for a South Carolina criminal records check. Note: Pursuant to statute, criminal records checks for prospective teachers and substitute teachers are provided to local school districts without charge.
  9. South Carolina criminal records information should be handled carefully and used only for appropriate purposes. Subjects have a right to correct erroneous criminal records information pertaining to them.
  10. Information on persons residing or working in South Carolina, who have been convicted of sex offenses whether in this state or another state, may be accessed free of charge through this site. Click here to search the SC Sex Offender Registry.
The FBI has released the following statement regarding Criminal History Requests and Attorneys:

As for the release of criminal history for discovery purposes, the rule is simple. If there is an order of discovery entered by a judge in a specific case and the prosecutor has in his discoverable file a copy of the criminal history, then it is part of the discovery and can be released. If it is not part of the prosecutorís discoverable file, then the judge must subpoena the criminal history directly from FBI CJIS. An agency may not run this III request through III from their terminal. If they do, and it is caught in an Audit, they will be marked out of compliance.


Warning: Obtaining a Criminal Records Check will be charged to your Credit Card! This fee is non-refundable.
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